Hi I’m deb svanefelt – And I want to welcome you warmly to WeLoveOurEarth.com, a site dedicated to promoting sustainable living and wellness for ourselves, each other and our planet… because we love our earth.  It is, after all, our home.

[Please understand this site is still under construction – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, I hope you’ll check back with me – I’m working hard to get all the pages ‘up’ and linked in/working.  Thank you for your patience!  🙂 ]

Why this site?

At no other time in our history, has it been as critical as it is today, to begin looking at ways of moving from having cast Nature aside, to promote our human goals… into bringing Nature back into the equation… From ego-centric thinking, into eco-centric ways of thinking.

image re: with sustainable living, very small changes make a big differenceWant to do your bit, but don’t know how?  Maybe feeling kinda overwhelmed?

Love this beautiful blue-green planet we’re all living on, and want to find information and ways you can promote sustainable living in your own life?  To be part of the solution?

In practical, do-able steps in your daily life… So that we all leave the world in better shape than it currently is?

Well, you’ve found the right place – and I invite you to c’mon in, and have a wander about…

My ‘How To Live Sustainably’ Gift for You

image re: my dream of sustainable living... into realityTo feel inspired by the natural beauty on our planet, along with inspirational messages, you can sign up (yup, right over there on the right side of this page) for my Daily Photo Focus.

You’ll receive one of my photos of somewhere in the Natural world, along with a beautiful, inspiring quote (similar to the ones you see on this page…).  Or with a simple green ‘tip’, to start your day off within mindfulness of sustainability.

These short daily reminders are intended to inspire you forward…

To help you, one step at a time, and one day at a time, to remember to engage in building healthy sustainable habits.  In small, easy, baby steps (because they’re the steps we hold onto which, over time, become our new habits).

Inspiration: My Blog Community

image for changing nowTo be part of inspiring change by recognizing and celebrating the beauty of our earth… our diversity, creativity, ingenuity, our innate inter-connectedness with all life everywhere, and the sacredness of life…

And to find uplifting, inspirational thoughts and topics, to help us all move through and reduce the stresses of modern life…

Check out my blog, and join the conversations there.

We all grow best in community, and I delight in welcoming your questions and comments…

Coach’s Corner

image re: We inter-breath with the rain forests, we drink from the oceans.  They are part of our own body.  Thich Nhat Hanh

Why is this connection with Nature so important?  When we feel separate from nature, we experience stress… In reality, Nature is as much a part of us, as we are of Nature…

And currently, the world is a stressful place for all of us to live these days.  Between all the ecological and natural disasters, along with all the human created problems… and what happens in each of our individual lives… stress is a well-known experience for all of us.

In this section you’ll find all sorts of tips and ideas for de-stressing, for moving into greater connection with yourself, with others, and with the planet…

With lots of good solid information… practical tips…

Plus individual and group coaching supports, for those times when stress and old habits feel immobilizing to you.  Coaching to help you open to letting go of old, limiting habits… Into new possibilities…. Which help you to deepen your sense of inter-connectedness…with yourself, with others, and with the planet.  This is what allows us to open to much-needed new possibilities for greater health, greater sustainability.

And if you’re looking for something and don’t find it here, I hope you’ll use the contact page to let me know… Then I’ll do my best to find and share the information you’re seeking.  If you’re looking, you won’t be the only one!  This way, everyone can benefit from the questions we each have… and the answers we find together.

Sustainable Food, Glorious Food

Image showing 'food glorious food' If you’re looking for ways to eat lightly, and have questions about food choices – whether about:

                  • organic foods…
                  • genetically modified foods…
                  • super-foods…
                  • vegetarian choices…
                  • sprouted foods…
                  • use of green smoothies to assist with health…

Or  maybe you’re just looking for delicious recipes for eating more sustainably, more lightly on the planet…then check out my Food section.

You may be surprised at how yummy eating sustainably can be!

‘Coming Soon’

Keep any eye out for new areas that will focus on both my emerging and my ongoing interests in cutting edge information about new practices which are springing up… image about caring for earth sunset

This will include:

Urban growing food practices –  Want to understanding more about organic gardening; heritage seeds; promoting  the 4 B’s  – bees, butterflies, birds and bats; as well as roof-top, balcony, tower, hydroponic, and community gardening…

And why these matter, within sustainable living?  Join in with me, as I set out on a journey to understand how these practices can work, while living in an urban area….

The fascinating area of biomimicry, the biology-based science of emulating the successful solutions Nature has already found… And then applying them to solve our complex human problems.

Innovative ways to use plastic

“Green’ product reviews – I’ll be sharing my reviews of  tools that help you de-stress, and support your growing more sustainable habits.

All these sustainable living choices collectively make a big difference… It all begins with receiving good, solid information.  And then taking small but committed action …So that the world we leave to the next 7 generations can be filled with as much bio-diversity as possible.

The Power of the Collective Community

And while working out the massive ecological challenges facing all of us may feel like a daunting task, given the current state of affairs, it’s good to remember Margaret Mead’s quote… image of M. Mead quote on change via small groups

We each have a role to play in this.

And our choices, however small they may seem on a daily basis in our own individual lives, in the end are part of what adds up to the bigger global picture.

This means, when it comes to sustainable living, you really matter

And so do your daily, small, everyday choices.

I’m happy to provide you with as much good information as possible, to assist you in your own efforts to live a healthy, sustainable life… One that is part of the solution, rather than part of the current problems.

Ultimately, this site is dedicated to you, and what you’re needing.

Please join in the conversations.  Let’s all work together, to learn more and to make the sustainable changes that will contribute to a greener and healthier world for people and the planet.

We can do this, if we all work together!

Please check out my About page, to find out more about me, and my motivation for this site.

Or about what Living Green means, here…

For some yummy recipes, that help you live more lightly… go here.