living green – a personal commitment

Let’s face it.  There are lots of sites – infinite sites – on the internet, committed to providing you with all the information you could ever need, or want.  About everything.  Including data on how to live sustainably.

If information were enough to accomplish living sustainably (or any other goal you can think of), it’d already be a done deal.  Done and dusted a long time ago, given all the coverage this topic gets!

But it isn’t… We’re still a very long way from living green on the planet, both individually and collectively.

A Different Focus – Commitment

That’s why I’m creating this site with a slightly different focus.  Yes, there will be information – good, solid information.  We do need that.  And I’m personally committing to finding you the very best, up-to-date information ‘out there’.

image on commitment and responsibilityBut at least as importantly as information, what we really need is a personal commitment to greening our own life, as much as we can.

Otherwise, without the commitment to see us through all the ups and downs of creating new habits… like any other new idea… it runs the risk of falling by the wayside.  Being over-run in it’s infancy by competing demands on our time and energy.


That’s where inspiration comes in.  In order to stay committed, we all need to keep focused on the goal, to find encouragement along the way… And reasons for paying attention to our small baby steps.  In the midst of change, there are so many tiny steps that all build toward that final destination.

Each of those steps can either be in the background of our awareness, as we pay attention to all the “bad news” stories, and all the other big events in our lives. Or we can choose to keep those baby steps front and center, in the spotlight of our awareness.

image on living in discomfort zoneIf we’re committed to change, to being part of the movement to live more sustainably, we need ways to keep this commitment in the spotlight…

Ways of feeling inspired on a daily basis, to either try something new… or to keep trying something that we’re building into a daily practice.  Or both.


Commitment also involves celebration – sharing our own small, do-able steps forward with others, to inspire and be inspired by their steps too. image re small steps forward

This is, in some ways, the journey of the small.  It runs contrary to our Western consumerist ideology that ‘big is awesome… and more is better’.

With a culture that’s promoting bigger/better all the time, it can be discouraging to still be feeling we’re ‘just’ taking baby steps, in building a new habit.  Even one as important as sustainable living on the planet.

But that’s kinda crazy.  Because the reality is, we all live life one moment, one step, at a time.

Commitment to greener living ‘just’ means making as many of those small moments more consciously focused on sustainability as possible.  Within awareness about the impact of  our choices and behavior on each other and the planet.

Image and quote on importance of practiceThis takes practice – lots of it. And that takes ongoing commitment… which benefits from a steady stream of celebrating these small shifts with others, to keep us feeling nourished enough to continue on.

Urban Dwellers – Welcome…

One last clarification about this site.  I’ve created it for “newbies” to sustainable living.  And, since many of us aren’t “back-to-the-landers”, I’m also wanting to focus specifically on urban dwellers like me, who still want to do our bit, but may not be sure how… or may be looking for new ways to ‘green up’.

If you’re living in the country, and want to jump in, you’re most welcome to do so.  The more the merrier.

But I figure maybe it’s easier (speaking as a city dweller here, so maybe I’m wrong) for you to connect with Nature and feel inspired to “live green”, when it’s all around you… than for those of us who live in larger human communities, where it can be harder to leave the concrete behind, to re-discover our deep, innate connection to Nature, and to all living beings.

image re walking into nature from city lifeAnd with all due respect to the vision of Cyril Connolly, our cities have grown w-a-a-a-y bigger than he envisioned.

While it’s not possible to walk out of most cities in our current times, out into Nature… there are bits of wildness to be found in all cities.

We just need to look for them.  And go to them.  It isn’t as far as you might think.

Of course there are the parks, boardwalks, and green belts to provide respite from city life… and to re-connect to the Earth.

But there’s also just appreciating the flowers and trees as you walk (rather than drive the car sometimes) to a neighborhood store, or around the block (this cheerful cornflower was on one such walk for me, right by the roadside).

And gardening.  Sports.  Sitting outdoors in your backyard, or on your balcony.  Y/our domesticated animal friends.  Cooking and eating a meal made from natural, healthy local ingredients.  Enjoying a glass of clean, fresh water.

In this respect, connecting with Nature is more about remembering to do this, and appreciating the Earth for all it provides for us, rather than being about living in a specific location.

Ready to make a commitment to taking a next baby step, in learning more about sustainable living?  You could try out the daily Photo Prompts here… Or our  blog here… Or, if your  interest is food, here

image about starting where you areThere are as many points to begin as there are humans on the planet.

Just begin now.

Make your commitment to greening your life.  And see where this takes you…

Enjoy the journey, and please share what you find with us, as you move forward.

Remember, it’s ‘just’ baby steps… and we’re all here to encourage and inspire each other along the way…

Within gratitude, deb