food glorious food

Image showing 'food glorious food'Well, here we are… looking at food, glorious food!

In a world obsessed with fast food, dieting, and food addictions, while many still starve for want of even basic food…

It’s obvious we need to take a second look at what we put in our mouths, how it nourishes us… and how it contributes to living sustainably.

Food stands in for so many things for so many of us, contributing to deeply conflicted feelings about food.

We’re given so many contradictory views about eating, and what to eat to keep us healthy, it’s no wonder we feel so confused.

The Scope of the Problems

image for "if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world" - JRR TolkienThe large agri-businesses, like Monsanto, and McDonald’s (the fast food chain, not the song from childhood), all try to convince us that they have our best interests at heart, and that they’re working hard on our behalf.  Providing us with healthy food.

And as long as we accept that they know more than we do, that they’re the “experts”… we allow them to continue to make decisions which are, at best, questionable for our health.

If it’s true that we are what we eat… and they’re right, and their agri-business practices are harmless… why do we see, over the past 20 years, right alongside with ‘super-sizing’ everything, …

                • A massive increase in obesity (including in children),
                • A decrease in children’s empathy and creativity,
                • Allergies, and asthma rates skyrocketing.
                • Anxiety disorders and depression (in both adults and children alike) also increasing dramatically.
                • A significant rise in the increase in autism in our youth?
                • (And we maybe can leave out of the equation the huge spikes in auto-immune diseases, cancer and other forms of illness common in ‘modern’ life).

These are tough questions.  Are they connected to agribusiness practices?  Practices which include using toxic pesticides, questionable food additives, stabilizers, and genetically modified foods… In addition to all the air, earth and water pollution levels that have continued to rise?

What can we do about any of this?  ‘Eating Foods’ info…

image re importance of food glorious foodWell, again, we can take responsibility for greening our food choices in our own lives.  Some of this means getting to know more about the difference between healthy, sustainable food choices, and what advertisers hammer us with as supposedly healthy.

And some of this means standing up for what we all deserve: healthy, clean food and water.

In this section of We Love Our Earth, you’ll find the best information I can research about these issues we’re all facing together.

As well as delicious healthy recipes that can help you live healthily in your own life.  And which can also provide a lighter “load” for the earth to bear.

I’ll be including a wide variety of food selections for you to choose from.

So, that’s the “eating food” section of ‘Food Glorious Food’…

Growing Food in Urban Settings…

I’ll also be researching more about “growing food” topics.

In the ‘Growing Food’ section of Food Glorious Food, you’ll also find up-to-date information about balcony, tower, rooftop and lasagna (yes, you read that right! 🙂 ) gardening practices.  Also, over time, there will be information about permaculture, organic growing practices, and community gardening.

I hope these tasty tidbits will help keep you informed, both in your own sustainable food choices, and within the bigger global community.

Next Steps…

image re "Pull up a chair, take a taste.  Life is so endlessly delicious".If you want to start with some food… check out this yummy banana bread recipe – it’s got no refined sugar, is low in fat, can be gluten-free and/or vegan… and, best of all, it tastes delicious!!!  (Even to my highly fussy great nephew who, since the age of 7 or 8, has kept requesting I make more, more, MORE!)

Or, maybe you want to get a sense about me, and what this site is all about…

If you’re interested in some delicious smoothie recipes, all of which are healthy (but don’t taste like ‘health food’), check this out…