our services

Here are some of the groups we offer:

New Eartheart Healing community (online) –

These are monthly (free) online global groups, where we gather to co-create healing for ourselves, and then share this out, anchoring it onto the planet.  These calls offer visualizations, meditations, Light Language activations, and an opportunity to work collectively with other like-mindeds – putting all of these co-creative aspects of conscious human life into the akashic records for humanity.

Protocol Groups (levels one thru three):

The Protocol groups, in essence, is a multi-dimensional process, where we ally with other multi-dimensional Beings of Light, who help us clear fear permanently from wherever it’s stored, in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Our inner “rivers of splendour”/leylines/meridians/electro-magnetic circuitry is then upgraded to reflect these shifts.  This creates new space for us to experience more unconditional love… which we surrender to experiencing.  This assists us in shifting our world view from primarily being anchored in the 4th dimension of the astral plane of emotional and mental dualistic consciousness.  And allows us to access other states of multi-dimensional consciousness.  To read more about the 3 levels offered, you can check it out here.