deb’s services

Hullo and thanks for checking out my “deb’s services” page. 🙂  These are 3 of the services I offer, that I’m happy to share with you here:

1. Finding JOY

I have a Youtube channel called Finding JOY where I share weekly tools, tips and interviews about the human ascension process.

This is a community where we look at shifting our vibration from living mostly unconsciously in a 3D world, to expanding into a conscious exploration of our multi-dimensional joy.  This is the JOY that we each and all ARE – it’s intrinsically our essence.  But it’s easy to forget this, living in the chaos that’s so prevalent on the Earth, in these physical bodies!


I also offer PROTOCOL Healing groups. This is a divinely inspired process that I was given in Oct 2016.  Their focus is three-fold:

  1. To permanently clear out our old human stress and fear-based stories.  While we cannot change what happened to us, we can clear our emotional reactivity to them.  And that frees us up from continuing to recreate more of the same (Law of Attraction – “what you resist, persists”),  This clearing of aspects of our core fears allows us new opportunities for growing into more of our human potential.  It’s a powerful ‘get off the hamster wheel of fear/stress and separation process.
  2. To shift our conscious experience of living from a purely ‘individual’ viewing point (part of separation consciousness)… into recognizing we’re part of the quantum field of One – inter-related with all life.  This process encourages us to experiment with working with other divine Beings of Light (who are not currently embodied in human form).  We’re all learning together about this human ascension process.
  3. To clear our unconsciously held stories, as well as those we’re consciously aware of.  This is facilitated by using a quantum voice codes assessment process.  Now, this is an awesome shortcut!!  No more needing to navel-gaze or ‘talk through’ what you’re conscious of… ever searching for the underlying meaning.  Using this tool is easy (you just need to listen to your balancing tones on a daily basis – you can read more about this process here).

These are 21 day groups where we meet 4 times on zoom.  Our focus is on letting go of our old pain and suffering stories… our limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are based in 3D and 4D living.   – you can find out more about them here, or on my Youtube channel.

3. Eartheart Healing Calls

On a monthly basis, I offer livestreamed Eartheart Healing calls.

These are opportunities to co-create collective healing – for self, for others on the call, and for the planet.  We use the PROTOCOL format to release some of our personal and collective human fears, re-wire our bodies to reflect these changes, and step into the field of unconditional loving.  First we receive it.  Then we share it out, grounding it into the Earth, for Her healing.  These are powerful experiences, that have been life-changing for me, and for others who have participated.  To find out more about the timing of these calls, go here.