coach’s corner: building new, healthier habits

image with quote about bad habits, re building new healthier habits No matter how you cut, slice or dice it, one of the most challenging things in life seems to be letting go of bad habits…

And building new, healthier habits to replace them with…

Even when we really, really want this!

And even when the old habits are causing us or others distress.

Sometimes the old and most familiar of habits are just that – familiar.  And our brain seems loath to give them up, to replace them with something new and unknown.

If you’re struggling to change your habits, to build new, healthier habits, you’re not alone.  At some time in our lives, everyone goes through this.

And sometimes we just need a few tips to help us get through it.

image with quote about bad habitsSometimes this can be a matter of breaking the problem down, into smaller, do-able steps.

Sometimes it’s learning some new techniques for clearing away the cobwebs of the old, to create space for the new.

Often, it’s helpful to share with someone who’s “been there and done that”.

What You’ll Find Here –

In this area, you’ll find lots of tips to help you establish new healthier habits, to support your wanting to live more sustainably.  This will include:

  • Traditional methods, that have been proven over time to represent “best practices”.
  • As well as some newer innovations, that aren’t as well known yet, but still have a proven track record.
  • Look for photos to inspire you forward with inspirational messages.
  • Written tips.
  • Also some short videos, to illustrate how-to’s.


And if you’re needing more individualized support, I also offer individual coaching sessions, both in person (if you happen to live in the Orillia, Ontario area), and online, via Skype.

With over 3 decades of having coached significantly traumatized children and adults (in fact, the top 3% of stressed-out folks), as well as in my own life, I’ve needed to search far and wide for effective strategies that work, for clearing stress and the habits that have grown up around it.

My coaching focuses on identifying the issues clearly, and then exploring your personal strengths and skills (yes, you have them!!)… To then address your current challenges.

Image and quote re human resources and natural resources...Believe it or not, you already have all the resources and answers within you.  But when your brain’s in stress mode, it’s just hard to see and connect with this inner wisdom…

That’s not your fault.  It’s not because you’re weak-willed… or not smart enough… or too stressed to ever find your way out… (Or any of the other self-blaming things we say to ourselves when we can’t seem to climb out of the pit stress sometimes has dug us into).

No.  It’s quite simply because your brain is actually hard-wired to deal with survival first, in the ways you’ve found successful in the past… Even when these involve ‘bad’ habits.  Survival trumps everything else.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much room for innovation or new habits.

So, lots of times, my coaching involves discovering a new tool or two which, in combination with your own strengths, provides the ‘missing link’ to support your moving forward.

Mostly, I focus on looking for patterns, to help you “connect the dots”…

image re can't see the forest for the treesBecause sometimes, it’s as simple as having another set of skilled eyes to support you forward, by noticing the patterns that aren’t as evident, when you’re in the middle of living your own life!

No Matter How Stressed You’re Feeling…

No matter where you’re at, in terms of awakening to developing new, healthier habits in your life, which  also promote greater connection and sustainability on the planet, I encourage you to keep on keeping on, one step at a time.

Image and quote from Dr Seuss about individual uniquenssBecause you really matter… and so does your work, creating more sustainability in your own life.  Within the greater inter-connectivity of  life, you’re the only you on the planet!


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