about me – inspired to begin this website

Hi there – I’m deb, and I’m the creator of this We Love Our Earth website. Here, you’ll find why I was inspired to start this website… and what you can expect to find here.

image of love of wildernessJust like you, I love this beautiful blue-green planet we’re living on… That makes it tough to see all the hurt and damage to our earth…

To our lovely earth… To all the incredible diversity of animals… And to the unnecessary suffering of people.

As a trauma therapist with over 30 years of experience, working with highly stressed-out children and their families, I’ve learned a lot… both about suffering and about what helps heal it.

Of all that I’ve learned, here are 4 big ‘lessons’, which each contributed to why and how I’ve structured this website:

1. The human brain.

When we’re stressed (as we all are now, by the serious state of the world), the human brain goes into survival mode. This flight into survival takes us out of our problem-solving brain (which can see complexities and respond adaptively and creatively)… Into here-and-now thinking that’s “all about me” surviving.

image quote re Einstein problem solving

It’s a powerful, primitive instinct, which takes us out of thinking collectively (for the long-term good of all)… Away from remembering our innate inter-connectedness with all life, and with each other. And therefore, away from long term sustainability.

If we look around, at all the damage we humans are inflicting – on each other, on the world, the air, the earth, the water, the animals and plants… it all stems from this short-sighted, stressed-out way of thinking… And it’s evident in both our thinking about the problems… And our thinking about the solutions.

2. We Need Nature.

image of wilderness a necessity Our separation from Nature has been one of the tragic outcomes of that stressed-out disconnected thinking.

How can we move forward, with loving our planet, and speaking for the earth’s rights to health, and being treated respectfully… if we have so little connection to the Earth?

Our moving back into a state of inter-connectedness, into health, relies on our willingness to go out again, to leave behind our offices, our homes, our busy lives… to re-connect, if only for short periods of time in the beginning, with feeling our intrinsic, our essential connection to this planet we’re calling our home.

3. How Being Inspired Helps.

image re flower blooming in adversity

In my work with traumatized children and their families, I began years ago to help them not only share about the truly horrifying experiences they’d lived through… but also to look at what inspired them…How their own innate strengths and gifts could help them to deal with and overcome adversity. To begin to look at more than just their here-and-now stress (which was not allowing them to focus on those strengths and gifts).

To support this, I started looking online for more stories of real people who’d overcome serious adversity, who’d learned to survive and thrive “in-spite-of” what most would consider overwhelming odds.

It made a vast difference.

My kids and families loved it… and felt inspired to look for more inspiration/strength/courage/perseverance in their own lives….And that inspired me, as well, to continue on with this. 🙂

Well, that’s how it worked. We all benefited from sharing what inspired each of us. This helped us to look “outside the box”… to recognize “the good stuff” which, over time and taking tiny achievable steps forward, became part of our new thinking habits…

image re inspired by the little prince on heart seeing

So, here we are, with this new beginning together. My mission: to find hope and inspiration in the world. To share my own baby steps forward into greater sustainability with you… and to invite you to do the same.

Because as desperate as the current situation is on the planet, here’s what else I learned from all those traumatized children and families: we humans are an incredibly resilient, highly creative lot. We’ve survived in spite of apparently overwhelming odds. When we remember to share and inspire each other forward, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

I passionately believe that. After all, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, time after time, for over 30 years.

4. Building new habits. 

image quote on habits

Creating change that lasts, can feel like hard work. We all want the goal to just “happen”, once we want it. But it actually takes effort, to build and maintain new ways of thinking. To develop new habits. Our brains are more familiar with our old habits…

We see this all the time, with New Year’s resolutions. If they’re not developed into new habits, they fall (only too easily) by the wayside.

We cannot afford this, for our planet. Now, more than ever, we need to persist with making daily efforts to remember how vitally important our daily choices are, in living more sustainably.

We can do this.

image re being inspired by collectively changing the world

Together, we can learn the habits connected to sustainable living. One tiny step at a time. With each of us contributing to each other’s inspiration forward…

Your sharing of what inspires you may be just what someone else needs, to help them get through their day. And maybe you’ll be buoyed by what someone else shares here too. That’s a win-win all around.

And that’s why this site is dedicated to you… To each and every one of you. It’s a place where you can share what inspires you. Your experiences. Your stories. Your feedback.

Why not check out my blog next, and see how you can be inspired and contribute to the inspiration of others, as we all learn more about sustainable living together.

Or, for more about the importance of a personal commitment to living more sustainably, go here.

If you’re looking for tips on sustainable living, my coach’s corner, or signing up for my daily prompts, may be helpful…

Thanks for loving our Earth too. I’m looking forward to getting to know you… and hearing about your own journey into deeper inter-connectedness, and greater sustainability.  I hope you’ll feel free to share both about where you feel stuck, and what inspires you forward.  Welcome to We Love Our Earth!

With blessings, deb