about Denise

Denise is a nature-loving, tree-hugging way shower, key holder, code keeper, crystal grid activator and holder and transmitter of the diamond light codes. Her desire is to be of service to the planet and its inhabitants, for their evolution and ascension.

She became interested in alternative ways of healing whilst still a registered nurse in 2001, when she took the first level of reiki healing. She first became a reiki Master-Teacher in 2003 and is Master-Teacher in Traditional Usui, Tibetan, Karuna, Angel and Anubis reiki.

She is now channeling her unique frequency of Crystal-Light reiki and attunes others to this new frequency. Crystal-Light reiki connects us not only to source energy but also to the healing frequencies of the crystalline energy matrix of the earth.

Leaving Manchester in the UK and the traditional healthcare system in 2004 for Australia, she spent 12 years in the beautiful town of Byron Bay, where she devoted her worklife to intuitive energy healing. As well as channelling universal life force energy in her treatments, she uses crystals and sound to enhance and deepen the healing experience. The sound component is with crystal singing bowls, chimes, drum, her voice and the language of light.

Her expression of light language began in written form with symbols drawn over and placed into the energetic body of clients. Her speaking of light language evolved from chanting tones and frequencies into the body, to channelling light language words of different dialects. She found this to be the most effective tool in her healings for transforming negative energy, for balancing the energy system.

Most days, she carries out light language activations on Mother Earth and the waters of the planet, upgrading the energy grid of the earth, connecting to the crystalline energy matrix and cleansing the energies.

As a Starseed, she has a strong galactic connection. She consciously works with the angelic realm, ascended masters, and our high frequency galactic brothers and sisters, as well as beings from the earthly elemental realms.

To recharge and feel nurtured, Denise loves to spend time out in nature, preferably with her camera, taking photos of the creatures she encounters. She has found that the more in her heartspace she has become, the more trusting of her those creature beings are. She is also working on her telepathic connections, particularly with those from the animal kingdom.

What is light language?

Light language is the language of the soul, of the heart and holds tones, frequencies and keys to unlock, activate and open up dormant keys and codes within us. It stimulates, empowers, energizes and awakens. It holds the codes of creation, anchoring the divine perfect blueprints into the human body, and through the being into the earth. It works on the quantum level, going deep into the DNA, awakening and transforming our currently inactive DNA.

It is the art of expressing vibration through sound, words, tones and symbols. Sound is known to create sacred geometries which create the building blocks for life.  It works on a quantum level rather than being linear, and has a deep and profound effect on the consciousness of a being.

Denise’s light language transmissions may be used for healing, or for a specific purpose such as awakening our third eye, transforming fears, stepping up to our life purpose or releasing old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.