About Deni


My name is Denise Kerr and I was born in Auckland New Zealand, Aotearoa.
My mother’s lineage is Scottish and my father’s lineage is Irish.
I have worked with various healing modalities, as well as being employed as a nurse in psychiatry since 1988, and later obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling.
I travel the Shamanic path… the place where life made sense for me.
Its a path of healing and service, a path that honors all that exists as an expression of the oneness.
I feel blessed in my work to have walked alongside others and witnessed them reconnect with themselves, rediscover the mystery in life, and find the place within and outside of themselves where all possibilities exist.
The place of wholeness and balance, one of love harmony and beauty.
Within this venture with debs and Denise, I bring myself…. my seer, my hearer, my shaman, my sufi, my many years of mindfulness experience, and my capacity to be a Poe … a pillar, an anchor.
To be present to others and remain steady.
So…. before ALL THAT IS…
and before ALL THAT YOU ARE…
I pledge to bring ALL THAT I AM…
I hope to see you there!