Sculptors of our Brains… Exciting new program

Sculptors of our Brains… Exciting new program

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What now?  Sculptors of our own brains?  Yes!!

If any of you are interested in learning more about the neurological reality of neuro-plasticity… and how to move your brain from feeling stressed… into new levels of happiness… then I highly recommend this teacher, Dr. Rick Hanson, PhD.

The Program – Who it’s For, and What it Involves…

Dr Hanson really understands what stress does to the brain… and how to develop new neural pathways, that move the human brain away from endlessly re-creating stress and/or trauma… and into healthier, less stressed ways of being in the world.

He includes information for children as well as adults.

This is a year long program, with both LOTS of information… AND specific, do-able techniques for the practical application of what you’re learning – practice, practice, practice, to re-wire y/our brain more easily…

Image and quote re neuroplasticityThis program literally teaches us to become the sculptors of our brains, step by step.

This program has been developed for everyone – individuals looking for greater peace and happiness… as well as professionals working to assist others in reducing their stress, and creating new possibilities of greater happiness.

There is also a link to apply for a scholarship, if you cannot afford the [very reasonable] price – you can choose to pay 1/2 or nothing – he’s really wanting to make this affordable for everyone.

The Link, to Check it Out…

Here’s the link –

Pass It On…

Image and quote re "Pssst, pass it on".Please also pass the word on this – we need less stressed humans on this planet – honestly, it’s our best hope for moving forward, out of stressed-out disconnected ways of being in the world (where we hurt ourselves, others and the planet), into healthier, more connected and sustainable ones that help us grow into excellence as stewards of the earth… and happier human beings…

I hope to see you, as they say, “on the inside”.

I’d love to hear your feedback about this… Please feel free to add your comments…

P.S. I have no affiliate relationship with Dr Hanson – I stand to gain nothing from this endorsement of his program – I just powerfully believe in his message… his expertise…

And I dearly hope to encourage others to try it out – for the benefit of all.




  1. Saskia Gingrich :

    Sounds like a very good program – I will be sharing with a number of people. I love the science of neuroplasticity, and how we can be masters of our brains! Thanks for sharing this Deb. <3

    • :

      Just now seeing your comment, Saskia! (STill getting used to all the behind-the-scenes components of websites!). I’m glad you liked this – I too love the science of neuroplasticity – it fascinates me, how we can shift what’s in our physical brain, and have that powerfully influence our day-to-day experiencing of our lives. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Saskia! <3

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