Weeding out the Old, To Create Space for Sustainability…

Weeding out the Old, To Create Space for Sustainability…

I’ve been outside, weeding a garden bed that’s overrun with bindweed… you know, those wild morning glories – those really lovely, open white blossoms that (when left untended) happily, cheerily run throughout your small, cultivated garden bed…

image re bindweed

See all those cute white flowers in the foreground?  Oh sure… quite lovely to look at… Charming, even….

But deadly for anything else that’s growing in the garden!

In a cultivated garden bed, bindweed literally chokes the life out of everything it perniciously clambers over and through.

Small and dainty, or big and strong, it’s only a matter of time before everything succumbs…

And I got to thinking, as I was pulling it out by massive handfuls… amazed at how tenaciously it clings to everything, growing lustily everywhere… Bindweed is kinda like our old unsustainable, consumerism-driven lifestyle.

Sure, it looks pretty, having lots of “stuff”, acquiring more and more…following the Western cultural ideal of “more is better”.

But the reality is, just like bindweed, that old lifestyle is really a thug,..  A well-disguised brute which, no matter how “pretty-looking”, eventually chokes the very life out of all that it touches.

And, no matter how many times you attempt to uproot parts of that old way of life, like any old and familiar habit, unless you get every bit of it out at the roots, it has a way of springing back to life again.  Just like the bindweed.

image of interconnected hoop of lifeWe all need a new model of life on the planet – one that’s based on recognizing our innate inter-connectedness… and that values the delicate balance inherent in all natural eco-systems.

You might wonder where to begin, with uprooting and un-binding yourself from this old, unhelpful (but oh-so-familiar) habit that seems to flourish everywhere?  To work towards greater sustainability…

The key is this – begin anywhere.  First in your own life – you can look at what you’re willing to relinquish first… What’s easy to give up?  Just start somewhere.

Because the truth is, wherever you start, and however small the step appears to be…it matters.  In an inter-connected web of life, each small change ripples, and affects all else on the web.

bug on blue

Even the lovely bindweed, growing rampantly in a cultivated garden, is a sign… It’s a sign of imbalance in the eco-system.

The big question is, will we continue to just look at the “pretty flower”, running rampantly and choking out the life of all around it?

Or, will we pay attention to the many signs, and each of us begin to diligently root it out, in our own lives, in order to create a more sustainable lifestyle?

A more sustainable future for this beautiful planet, and for  other generations to come after us…

I’d love to hear your ideas, on ways you’re engaged in doing your own “weeding” of this cultural bully… Because when we share our ideas, and all work together, eventually change is inevitable.


  1. Hi Deb
    My you are off to an excellant start.
    I sent you an email . Don’t know if you received it.
    Looking forward to meeting you in person the next time you are in TO


    • deb@weloveourearth.com :

      Hi LuSinda – thanks for your encouragement and support!! I did not get your email. I’ll have a deeper search in my outlook for it. Looking forward to catching up with you too! Cheeers, deb

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