Celebrations… of Growing

Celebrations… of Growing

image re importance of celebrationsI love celebrations!! And for me, instead of just looking ahead and wondering how I’m gonna meet the upcoming challenges… it’s so helpful to remember to look back too… to see how far I’ve come, and how I’ve managed to meet my past challenges.

I had a dream about this last week.  I was struggling in some dream-terrain, with looking ahead and seeing vast mountains yet to be climbed.  I felt daunted, and a bit anxious… How was I ever gonna manage to climb them.

Then I felt this tug of a reminder… to look behind me.  And what I saw when I did, gave me great hope.  And the courage to continue on.  Because what I saw, was mountains behind me too… vast peaks that were just as high as the ones ahead of me.  And somehow, I’d managed to find my way through them to where I now stand.  And thinking back to some ‘sticky places’ where I hadn’t known how to take the next step, I also remembered that I’d asked for help.  And then someone had appeared, with the solution I needed.

It was an awesome dream.  A powerful reminder of what matters in life.   Somehow celebrating where we’ve each and all come from, with all the challenges we’ve each both faced, and successfully navigated, helps develop the trust to know we’ll make it through the next steps too.

So for me, remembering to review my past, and then celebrating what I’ve managed to do, however small, is part of what inspires me to keep on going…

Looking back, what do you see in your life that you can celebrate, honor and feel grateful for?  If you haven’t tried this, I hope you do.  And if you have, I’d love to hear and feel inspired by your celebrations too.. Maybe, like in my dream, your celebration will contain part of what someone else is looking for in facing their challenges too…

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