Belonging… On Finding Home…

Belonging… On Finding Home…

Image and quote re: Dorothy's red shoesDorothy said it, throughout The Wizard of Oz – “There’s no place like home”…

I fervently hope that, unlike Dorothy who needed to lose her sense of home, as she embarked on the odyssey in order to find her connection to her Home again… we humans can find a way to discover the preciousness of our Home here on Earth before we lose it entirely.

Collectively, we stand so close to the brink of that calamity now.

With ‘bad news’ stories a-bounding everywhere we look… with stories of devastation of the Earth’s rainforests; of one race of people pitted in war against another; of the decimation of animal and plant species; of fracking, and blowing up mountains to extract oil or minerals; of chemicals added to our food, our land, the air and the waters… the list goes on and on.

What can we each do, each of us, to stem this tide of destructive behaviors?

image and quote re: hope is power One powerful thing we can do is to hold fast to hope.

To find and share ‘good news’ stories that can inspire us and others forward.

And, just like Dorothy experienced, part of that hope is in discovering our own personal sense of Home – of our innate, infinite inter-connection with life.  Our belongingness.

My Sense of Belongingness to the Earth

I’ve spent most of my life in Canada.  But for the past few years, I’ve been traveling back and forth to England, the land of my ancestors.

Here in Canada, I’ve enjoyed many walks out in Nature, and have appreciated the beauty of the land where I live.  Canada is a vast country, blessed with so much natural diversity.

But I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider here… Like a long-time visitor, who’s been welcomed but is nonetheless still just a visitor.

Image and photo re: "Not all those who wander are lost"Somehow, something was missing.  I couldn’t even put my finger on what that ‘something’ was…

Until I went to live in England late last summer.  On one of my trips there last fall, en route to Scotland on the train, I passed through a bit of countryside in the middle part of Devon.

Looking out the window at some farm scenery, through train windows slightly blurred by the rain and grey dampness, I suddenly had the most profound and unexpected experience…

I felt as though my very bones and sinews had emerged from the muck of that place… as though my physical body had somehow been formed from the land itself there.

Image and quote re: belongingIn some mysterious, deeply visceral sense… I felt I belonged there.

It was a bit disconcerting at first – I had no idea what to make of it – no other experiences in all my travels to use as a way of understanding the primal nature of it.

In fact, it wasn’t until close to a year later, that I discovered that indeed, many of my ancestors, going all the way back at least into the 16th century, had been born, lived and died…. Within about 18 miles of that spot.  (Yes, discovering that felt weird too!  Like my body had recognized something long before my mind had)…

Image and quote about belongingIn the meantime, I carried this new-found sense of belonging with me, everywhere I went.

Doing my day-to-day work, going for walks in the moors and woodlands, hiking along the cliff-sides of North Devon….

Everywhere I went, this brand new sense of belonging came with me.

For the first time in my life, I really felt my connection to the planet (even without understanding it!).

I’m back in Canada now.  But my sense of belonging on this planet, and my inter-connectedness with all other life here, has come back with me.

So, how do we each move forward, as we stand as a species on the brink of our species creating ongoing destruction… from which the “point of no return” continues to move closer and closer?

We find our sense of belongingness to the planet.

Image and quote re: Find where you belong. I don’t think this means you need to travel to find it (even though I did).  It could be as close as a much-beloved spot where you’ve spent time out in Nature, that you think of with utter fondness, and a softened heart.

Where’s that place for you?  The place where the song of the land captures your heart?

And how can your love for that place help propel you forward, in committing to live as sustainably as possible, to protect that place, and everywhere else on Earth, from further destruction?

Image and quote re: Rumi's fieldI’d love to hear back from you about this.  Where’s your own “special place”… And how does holding that place in your heart feel to you.

How can it feed your ongoing efforts to remember to make as many ‘green’ choices as possible?  What else becomes possible, when you remember this special place?

How can it fuel you in moving forward within hope and commitment?  And your feeling of belonging

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