Speaking Your Truth

Speaking Your Truth

Image and quote about raising your voice for truthI love this message from Faulkner – it sings the truth for me…

The photo is a statue called Verity, in Ilfracombe harbour, North Devon. This statue created some controversy, in the town – it’s of the artist’s wife, when she was very pregnant…

With ‘verity’ meaning ‘truth’ in Italian – it’s purported to represent a ‘modern allegory of truth and justice’ … In her left hand she holds the sword high… and in her right, the scales of justice…

Just look at the Amazonian size of her, towering above the people, the boats and cars in the harbour!  I love that she’s pregnant with new life…

So, it seemed a good fit for Faulkner’s quote… and here’s my take on it.

This work is one heart at a time..,that will eventually be multiplied by 7 million. But for now, just for now.. we can each “be the change we want to see” in the world.  It begins within the heart of each of us.

To be speaking your truth, especially when you know it may not be welcomed, or may have your swimming against the tide of what others believe…

Well, that’s not always easy.  We want to be accepted.  We want to belong.

But it oughtn’t to be at the expense of honesty, compassion, love and truth….

To stand up, each one of us, for all that is right, sometimes means standing against injustice, lying and greed.

And, within a peaceful but resolved heart, there seems to be no end of those to stand against.

It’s all that’s asked of each of us. And it’s plenty.

Interestingly, the sculptor, Damian Hirst, cast one side (seen above) from his wife’s ‘outside’, with her skin smoothly covering her body…

Image re: Inside Verity and TruthThe other side, seen here, shows her bones, muscles and sinews… and the unborn baby growing within her.

For isn’t this just like Truth… Sometimes we need to dig deeper, uncover the outer layers, and look more closely in an inward fashion, for the things that matter to us most.  For these are the things we want to stand for, and give voice to.

It’s not always easy, this work.

So, thanks for all your work in this regard… I celebrate all our endeavors to create a just and peaceful world… And know that when we each speak our truth, we each contribute to this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Image and quote re the butterfly effectBecause, even when our efforts don’t seem to be making a noticeable difference, we are each of us examples of “the butterfly effect”, moving across the tapestry of time….

So, how’s this sit with you? Please comment, I’d love to hear from you… and remember to share it forward too…


  1. Hi Deb. Wow! This certainly speaks volumes to me. I am resonating on so many levels. Thank you so much.
    I love the sculpture too. Womanhood at her best methinks. 🙂 <3

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